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Published On: Feb 12 2018

Agriculture Industry Forecast


Published On: Dec 06 2017

Leeco Steel Trading Makes Impression During MINEX Russia 2017

Antonio Rosset, Leeco Steel Trading’s Director, was among the featured speakers at the 13th Mining and Exploration Forum held in Moscow, Russia, October 10 -12, 2017.


Steel Plate Distributor

At Leeco Steel, our business is simple. We stock and sell steel plate.

We’re good at it. That’s why Leeco Steel has been in business for more than 130 years. We started as a scrap metal company and evolved to become one of the largest steel plate distributors in North America. To become the strongest name in steel, Leeco has kept an unwavering commitment to service. We’re the first ones in and we’re the last ones at the table. Our customers' success has a profound impact on how we approach our business—with integrity, tenacity and honesty.

You're not just buying steel. You're buying Leeco Steel.

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