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At Leeco, Exceptional Services Comes Standard

At Leeco®, Exceptional Services Comes Standard

In addition to providing quality steel plate products with outstanding customer service, Leeco® Steel also supplies customers with a suite of value-added services.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Just-in-time (JIT) delivery takes the stress out of having to manage constantly changing supply chains and large amounts of inventory. Leeco Steel is an expert at managing supply chains and inventory, and we have the space and staff to do it. We offer our contract customers the ability to opt for JIT delivery, which delivers pre-determined quantities of steel plate at specified times, smoothing out our customers’ material supply chain.

Paperless E-Statements

At Leeco Steel, standard paper mail is too slow, difficult to track and difficult to search and reference. For this reason, Leeco Steel was one of the first steel plate suppliers to transition to paperless e-statements, which include orders, invoices, bills of lading, mill test reports and more. Now, all documentation received by Leeco Steel clients is digital, searchable and trackable, making it easy to pay bills, manage costs and evaluate material consumption.

One, and Only One, Sales Contact

Leeco Steel promises that customers will never have to chase down multiple people to place an order or find an answer to a question. We dedicate one – and only one – experienced sales representative to each of our clients. These sales representatives are supported by a group of sales support staff, but are deeply involved in every order, from order placement to delivery. We don’t believe in outside versus inside reps. We believe in establishing one good and true relationship with each of our clients. The answer to your question is an email, text or phone call away every time.

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