Trusted Steel Supplier for Storage Tank & Pressure Vessel Customers

Trusted Steel Supplier for Storage Tank & Pressure Vessel Customers

Storage tanks and other types of pressure vessels are used across a wide range of industries, including energy and chemical fields. Due to the high potential for dangerous accidents, steel plate used in construction of these tanks are highly regulated to ensure safety.

Regulations combined with sheer material quantity required presents unique procurement challenges for steel plate buyers. Leeco® Steel is a highly-experienced partner with tank manufacturers and offers the following value-adds for this industry:

  • 11 distribution centers across North America, including five in south and southeastern United States, where tank customers tend to be concentrated.
  • High-volume quantities of A36 as-rolled and A516-70 as-rolled and normalized steel plate tank grades in each distribution center.
  • As one of the largest steel plate buyer in North America, Leeco’s pricing agreements with U.S. steel mills is highly-competitive, ensuring some of the most cost-effective cwt rates for customers.
  • Complete MTR and material testing documentation included with every order.
  • All facilities are ISO-9001 certified for quality management.

Price competitiveness, availability, speed and quality. These are Leeco Steel’s guarantee for all customers, especially those requiring core storage tank pressure vessel grades.

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Steel Plate Value Added Services

In addition to providing quality steel plate products with outstanding customer service, Leeco® Steel also supplies customers with a suite of value-added services.

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The Leeco Steel Difference

Just-in-Time delivery solutions
ISO 9001 certified for quality management
11 distribution centers across North America
Single dedicated sales representatives

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