Combination Cutting & Drilling
Combination Cutting & Drilling

Combination Cutting & Drilling Services 

For fabricators requiring complex steel plate parts, Leeco® Steel offers combination processing services, which includes cutting and drilling. Leeco's state-of-the-art combination processing machines complete all processes in a single setup. This allows for parts to be processed quickly and accurately, so they are delivered ready for fabrication.

What is Combination Cutting & Drilling?

Combination machines offer multiple processing capabilities in one set-up. Combination drilling machines allow steel plate materials to be cut – either through plasma cutting or oxy fuel cutting methods – and drilled.


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high strength low alloy steel plates

Leeco’s Combination Cutting & Drilling Capabilities

Leeco’s combination machines, which include Kinetic and Messer machines, offer oxy fuel and plasma cutting, along with beveling, drilling, tapping, chamfering and counter boring, in one set-up. This enables Leeco to accurately and efficiently process steel plate materials and streamline customer supply chains.



3” PLASMA, 7.5” OXY






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Advantages of Combination Cutting & Drilling

Combination cutting and drilling machines are an efficient way to process materials that require multiple processing needs, as they reduce time spent processing and reduce the chance for errors.

Industries & Applications

Cut and drilled steel plate is used in various industries and applications, including:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Energy (Wind, Oil & Gas, Transmission & Distribution)

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