TC128 PVQ Steel Plate

TC128-Grade B steel plate is used in pressurized railroad tank cars.


  • Suitable for use in pressurized railroad tank cars.
  • Available in grade B.
  • Available in normalized and as-rolled conditions.
  • Certified by the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices to be suitable for railcar tanks.
  • Due to quickly shifting inventory with this grade of structural steel, please inquire about availability.

Material Properties

The following material properties are AAR specifications and will be confirmed on the Mill Test Report.

  Yield Point (MPa) Tensile Strength (MPa) Min. 8" Elongation %
Grade B 50,000 81,000-101,000 16


Chemical Composition

The following composition properties are AAR specifications for the TC128 grade B steel.


Grade B  
Carbon max 0.24%
Manganese max 1.00-1.65%
Phosphorus max 0.025%
Sulfur max 0.015%
Silicon, ≤3/4" thick 0.15-0.40% max
Silicon, >3/4" thick 0.15-0.50% max
Vanadium max 0.080%
Copper max 0.35%
Nickel max No Limit
Chromium max No Limit
Molybdenum max No Limit
Aluminum max 0.015-0.060%
Columbium max Per ASTM A20
Titanium max 0.020%
Boron max 0.0005%
Nitrogen max 0.010%
Tin max 0.020%
CEq max 0.53%
Cu+Ni+Cr+Mo max 0.65%
Nb+V+Ti max 0.11%
Ti/N max ratio 4.0