AR Medium Abrasion Resistant Alloy Steel Plate

AR Medium is a moderate wear material available in AR200 and AR235 10G-3/4” thick.


  • Suitable for moderate wear applications and not intended for structural or load-bearing use.
  • Available in two grades: AR200 and AR235.
  • Surface hardness of 185-255 BHN.
  • Composition varies between mills. Surface hardness reports are supplied with each order.


Available Sizes

Leeco® Steel stocks the following standard sizes, but other sizes may be available for special orders.

AR200 & AR 235 0.1345" (10G) – 3/4" 48" – 120" Up to 480"

Minimum order weight in the USA is 20 tons. For orders weighing less than 20 tons, additional freight surcharges may be applied. Minimum order weight for orders outside of North America is 500 MT.