Offshore And Marine Steel Plate

Offshore and Marine Steel Plate

Leeco® Steel understands the legacy of ship building in America. Whether it’s aircraft carriers, submarines, yachts or cruise ships, American ingenuity has forever left its mark on how a ship is crafted. And it all starts with quality plate steel – steel that Leeco has ready to launch.

Offshore and marine-quality steel plate contains chemical elements that resist corrosion, decrease brittleness – especially in cold temperatures – and increase strength and toughness to resist vibration and force traumas.

Leeco Steel supplies offshore and marine-quality steel plate that meet ASTM, ABS (American Bureau of Shipbuilding) and API (American Petroleum Institute) certifications.

From marine wind turbines to offshore cranes, Leeco Steel is a trusted supplier of offshore and marine-quality steel plate products to customers across North America and around the globe.

Build a quote online today, or contact an experienced member of our team to place your order.

offshore marine steel plate products

Spec Grade Certification
ABS A, AH36, B, DH36, EH36 ABS View Details
API 2H 50 API View Details

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