Quality Steel Plate for the Infrastructure Industry

From erecting a privately-owned building to repairing old bridges with public funding, infrastructure contractors and builders need reliable resources for standard and heavy steel plate products.

Steel plate comprises building foundations, reinforcements and structural bones and plays important roles in land and water bridges. Infrastructure projects typically require large volumes of steadily supplied steel plate, which many steel plate suppliers cannot provide.

Leeco® Steel’s specialty lies within its deep inventory and distribution centers. These centers are located strategically throughout North America to best serve the majority of infrastructure companies and projects.

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steel plate for infrastructure industry

Common Infrastructure Categories of Steel

Structural steel is a common category of steel plate material requested by infrastructure clients. However, abrasion-resistant or quenched and tempered steel plate materials are used in supporting applications, such as in earthmovers, dump buckets and conveyors.

Additionally, infrastructure clients often need heavy plate (or plate that is 3-inches thick or greater). Leeco Steel is North America’s top supplier of heavy plate, making us a top choice for these types of infrastructure needs.

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Steel Plate Value Added Services

In addition to providing quality steel plate products with outstanding customer service, Leeco® Steel also supplies customers with a suite of value-added services.

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The Leeco Steel Difference

Just-in-Time delivery solutions
ISO 9001 certified for quality management
11 distribution centers across North America
Single dedicated sales representatives

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