EN Standard S690 Fine Grain Structural Steel Plate

S690 structural steel plate is quenched and tempered to achieve a fine grain and increase hardness and strength.


  • Quenched and tempered to achieve a fine grain and increase strength.
  • Yield strength of 690 MPa.
  • Used in structures bearing extremely heavy loads, such as bridges, offshore drilling rigs and buildings, as well as in heavy construction equipment and cranes.
  • Meets European structural steel standard EN 10025:2004.
  • Similar to ASTM A514, but not required to comply with exactly the same tolerances.
  • Due to quickly shifting inventory with this grade of structural steel, please inquire about available sizes.

Minimum order weight in the USA is 20 tons. For orders weighing less than 20 tons, additional freight surcharges may be applied. Minimum order weight for orders outside of North America is 500 MT.