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  1. Material Testing for Steel

    Steel is an essential material used in a variety of applications. Choosing the right grade of steel requires evaluating chemical composition and mechanical properties. This article will explore and compare common steel materials tests and provide insight into understanding the results.

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  2. Chemistry Behind Alloy Steel

    Steel is the backbone of modern-day infrastructure and has uses across a wide variety of industries. The ability to manipulate steel’s properties through the addition of other elements is what makes steel such a widely-used resource. This article will look at the most common elements comprising the wide range of steel grades and will explore their impact on material properties.

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  3. How Much Does Steel Plate Cost?

    When budgeting or estimating a project that requires steel plate or any steel material, it is often challenging to find a ballpark material cost without speaking to a steel supplier. This article looks at the common factors that impact the cost of steel plate, and highlights situations and behaviors that impact price.

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  4. Blasting, Burning, Grinding & Drilling

    Some applications of steel plate require additional finishing and processing to remove mill scale (a flaky surface that forms as a result of steel manufacturing), cut to a specific size or thickness and more. This article will review the most common types of processes and highlight the differences between them.

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  5. Four Steps for Buying Steel Plate

    Raw materials can greatly influence the cost of a given project, making smart sourcing an important step in the process. Steel is a versatile raw material, but the process of finding, buying and transporting steel can be a bit hazy. We developed four must-follow steps for buying steel plate that will ensure you source the right steel at a fair price for every project.

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  6. Exploring Structural Steel

    From the buildings we visit, to the homes we live in to the roads we travel, structural steel plate is a versatile construction material that offers structural strength and fabrication versatility without excessive weight. This article takes a deeper look at structural steel, its composition, characteristics, uses and more.

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  7. Understanding Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

    The difference between common steel plate and abrasion resistant steel plate is significant, but the differences between AR400, AR450 and AR500 are more subtle. This article explains how abrasion resistant steel plate is produced, and explores the differences between hardness levels.

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  8. Agriculture Industry Forecast

    There's optimistic outlook for the Agricultural market over the next 12 months. As demand and planning continue to grow, some are saying this industry is in a boom cycle. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers just released its Agriculture Industry Conditions Survey for North America, and we have highlighted some key points which spotlight the enthusiasm. This thorough study shares a...

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  9. Leeco Steel Trading Makes Impression During MINEX Russia 2017

    Antonio Rosset, Leeco® Steel Trading’s Director, was among the featured speakers at the 13th Mining and Exploration Forum held in Moscow, Russia, October 10 -12, 2017.

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  10. John Purcell speaks at EUROMETAL Steel Distribution and SSC Summit 2017

    Leeco®'s VP of Energy, John Purcell, provided insight into steel-focused subjects, including impacts & forecasts of the steel industry.

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