June marks the first anniversary of Leeco Pro, Leeco Steel’s ecommerce platform. Since its launch, our team has been hard at work enhancing the platform’s features. I wanted to share with you a few of the Leeco Pro enhancements we have made so far this year, as well as explain how they improve the customer purchasing experience.

Upload Purchase Orders at Checkout

We added the option for customers to upload their own purchase orders at checkout, which reduces the time spent placing an order on Leeco Pro and makes it simpler to manage your order.

upload po for leeco pro

Shop More Grades

We expanded Leeco Pro’s inventory to include more steel plate products, such as AR500, C1045 and A829-4140. This allows customers to shop a wider range of core steel plate grades anytime, anywhere.

 leeco pro dashboard

Smoother Product Filtering Process

We enhanced our product filtering feature to allow for a smoother user experience, enabling customers to search and filter for the grades they need when navigating between different warehouses.

filter products with leeco pro


While these are just some of Leeco Pro’s recent enhancements, we have several more planned for the remainder of 2022 and look forward to making online steel plate procurement an even simpler process for our customers, including:

  • Expanded cutting capabilities
  • Adding obsolete items
  • Adding an invoice section

If you are currently not a Leeco Pro user and are interested in getting registered for the platform, please reach out to your sales representative or register here. You can also learn more about Leeco Pro here.


Owen Donaghey

Digital Commerce Manager

owen donaghey, digital commerce manager at leeco steel