Leeco® Steel, the largest supplier of steel plate in North America, announces that its Portage, IN distribution center reached ten years accident-free as of June 1, 2022.

The Portage facility reached this safety milestone due to the team’s “safety-first” mindset, attention to detail and accountability. Portage is Leeco’s largest facility in North America.

“Safety is a core part of Leeco Steel’s culture, and our Portage warehouse team truly exemplifies this,” said Chad Schuh, Leeco Steel’s Vice President of Operations. “Each member of our Portage team looks out for one another, pays close attention to potential hazards and holds each other accountable. We are proud of the Portage team’s safety record and look forward to extending it.”

Leeco is currently over three years accident-free at 10 of its 11 distribution centers, and six of its facilities are over six years accident-free. Leeco recently received the Metal Service Center Institute’s (MSCI) 2021 Safety Culture Improvement Award for enhancements to the company’s safety communications program.

Leeco Steel's Portage, IN distribution center reached 10 years accident-free as of June 1, 2022.