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  1. John Purcell speaks at EUROMETAL Steel Distribution and SSC Summit 2017

    Leeco®'s VP of Energy, John Purcell, provided insight into steel-focused subjects, including impacts & forecasts of the steel industry.

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  2. Leeco Steel to Open in Sioux Falls

    Leeco® Steel is constructing a new distribution center in Brandon, S.D., located nearly 13 miles east of Sioux Falls.

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  3. Steel Country

    Leeco® Steel thrives in the city of Pittsburgh, where the city’s hard working attitude pushes the needle forward for the steel industry.

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  4. Leeco Announces Location in Tulsa

    Leeco® Steel has opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is Leeco Steel’s first location in Oklahoma, twelfth overall, and will be home to a sales and distribution center.

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  5. Leeco Steel Names Three "National Account Managers"

    Leeco® Steel has promoted three of its team members to a newly created position of national account manager.

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  6. Leeco Steel Featured for Utilizing AP, AR Automation

    Industry leader, Leeco® Steel, went paperless in both their AP and AR departments and the results of doing so were extremely beneficial.

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  7. Leeco Steel Names Ryan Murphy Vice President of Purchasing

    LISLE, IL (JULY 28, 2014) – Leeco® Steel, one of the largest suppliers of steel plate in North America, has appointed Ryan Murphy Vice President of Purchasing.

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  8. Why Houston?

    As summer gets into full swing, it’s becoming clear why the next step in Leeco®'s growth plan was to expand our Texas reach to Houston. There’s a lot happening here!

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  9. O'Neal Steel & Leeco Steel Win Lawsuit

    O'Neal Steel and sister company win $117 million verdict against vendors who sold them inferior steel

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  10. By the Numbers

    I have always been a numbers person. They tell me everything I need to know about the health of our company, Leeco® Steel, which supplies plate steel to companies all over North America...

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