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  1. Leeco Steel Featured for Utilizing AP, AR Automation

    Industry leader, Leeco® Steel, went paperless in both their AP and AR departments and the results of doing so were extremely beneficial.

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  2. Leeco Steel Names Ryan Murphy Vice President of Purchasing

    LISLE, IL (JULY 28, 2014) – Leeco® Steel, one of the largest suppliers of steel plate in North America, has appointed Ryan Murphy Vice President of Purchasing.

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  3. Why Houston?

    As summer gets into full swing, it’s becoming clear why the next step in Leeco®'s growth plan was to expand our Texas reach to Houston. There’s a lot happening here!

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  4. O'Neal Steel & Leeco Steel Win Lawsuit

    O'Neal Steel and sister company win $117 million verdict against vendors who sold them inferior steel

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  5. By the Numbers

    I have always been a numbers person. They tell me everything I need to know about the health of our company, Leeco® Steel, which supplies plate steel to companies all over North America...

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  6. John Purcell, VP:Energy, thanks Sen. Mark Kirk for supporting the extension of the PTC in a letter to the editor of the Naperville Sun

    Investing in wind power has proven to be a good deal for Illinois. Wind has attracted over $7.2 billion in capital investment to the state and created thousands of well-paying jobs.

    That’s a big reason why I want to thank Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk for supporting policy that will help keep the wind power success story going not just in Illinois, but all across the United States.

    Recently, Sen. Kirk joined a bipartisan coalition of 144 Senate and House members calling for an immediate extension of the Production Tax Credit and Investment Tax Credit. These tax credits have helped American wind power attract up to $25 billion a year in private investment into our national economy and foster economic development in all 50 states. Illinois alone has created nearly 7,000 jobs at 36 facilities around the state due to growing wind power.

    Leeco® Steel started as a scrap shop in south Chicago more than 130 years ago and is now North America’s main supp

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  7. Leeco Steel Announces Location in Houston

    Leeco® Steel has purchased a facility in Houston, Texas. This is Leeco Steel’s second location in Texas and will be home to a sales and distribution center.

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  8. Leeco Steel Announces Tampa Location

    Leeco® Steel has purchased a facility to house a sales and distribution center in Tampa, Florida. This is Leeco Steel’s first location in Florida and 11th overall.

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  9. Heavy Construction Equipment Market to Grow From $100 to $200 billion by 2020

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  10. Leeco Steel’s Eastern Region Relocates Sales Office

    Larger Wexford, PA, location needed for increased growth.

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