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  • Shot Blasting Services - Oshkosh, WI

Shot Blast Services for Surface Finishing

Leeco Steel has a state-of-the-art Wheelabrator dual-bed inclined roller shot blast machine, which can achieve a near-white metal finish that meets SP6 and SP10 standards. Contact Leeco Steel at (888) 533-2606 and let our expert team take care of even the toughest mill scale.

Leeco’s shot blaster is facilitated by two 25-ton cranes, and can process plates 3/16”-3” thick x 48”-120” wide x 96”-540” long. This process is ideal for heat-treated steel plate grades, such as A514, AR400, AR450 and AR500.

Leeco Steel is an ISO-9001 certified company and is also a CAT-certified supplier. We have high standards in what we produce and will deliver the quality steel plate surface you need to get your job done.

Contact Leeco Steel at (888) 533-2606 today to discuss shot blast services.

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What is Mill Scale?

Mill scale is a flakey overlay that forms on steel plate during the hot-rolling or heat-treatment processes. Mill scale, which is a type of iron oxide, actually protects steel from corrosion for a period of time, but begins to break and flake as it is handled and exposed to the atmosphere. Mill scale does not diminish the strength or quality of steel plate, but can be unattractive. For projects that require a finished, polished look, mill scale is often fully removed, but many projects allow mill scale to fall away naturally.

Can I Paint Over Mill Scale?

Mill scale is not uniform and falls away over time. For these reasons, painting over mill scale will result in chipping, cracking and popping of the paint, as the scale flakes away. To paint a steel plate covered in mill scale, the scale must first be removed.

How Does Leeco Steel Remove Mill Scale?

Leeco Steel’s shot blast machine uses abrasive blasting to remove mill scale. A steel plate is placed on a bed of rollers. The bed then inverts at a 45-degree angle and enters the shot blast chamber, where tiny pellets – about the size of sand – are blasted against the top and bottom plate surfaces, dislodging and removing dirt and scale. Because steel is so strong, this process does not damage the actual steel plate. Contact Leeco Steel’s sales team at (888) 533-2606 to learn more about this process.