MIL-A 46177

MIL-A 46177 Heat Treated Ballistic Steel Plate

MIL–A 46177 steel plate is a military spec armor steel plate that is heat-treated and used for its ballistic defeating properties.


  • Heat-treated military-grade steel plate typically used for a variety of ballistic defeating purposes.
  • MIL-A-46177 was absorbed into MIL-A-12560 (revision J) in 2009.
  • Sold plates are DFARS compliant and include full certification documentation.
  • Wrought homogenous steel plate in as-rolled condition.
  • Minimum surface hardness of 362 BNH.
  • Intended for military use where resistance to armor-piercing types of ammunition and multiple hit capability are required.
  • Many revisions have been made over the last 10 years to the various types of armor plate, meaning that many types share some of the same characteristics. Therefore, it is important to be sure that the grade requested matches the intended application for use.
  • National Institute of Justice certification or UL testing available upon request.


Available Sizes

Leeco® Steel stocks the following standard sizes, but other sizes may be available for special orders.

MIL-A 46177 1/8” up to, but not including, 1/4" 48" – 120" Up to 480"