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Heavy Steel Plates

Heavy steel plate is used in a variety of applications across a multitude of industries. Large fabrications and weldments using heavy steel plate are found in construction, mining, processing, production and crane equipment. The energy sector also is a primary user of heavy plate, including oil and gas, petrochem, and wind-energy applications. Leeco Steel’s Heavy Plate Division focuses on products three inches and up in thickness across all grades. As an industry leader in heavy steel plate, Leeco Steel has the inventory, cutting capabilities, sourcing and testing options needed to serve our customers. At times, tests such as Ultrasonic Testing, Charpy V-notch, or other industry-specific tests are needed. Leeco Steel can order your steel with these specs, or have them tested using local laboratories quickly and efficiently.

Leeco Steel’s Heavy Plate Division has the industry knowledge that benefits our customers in order to create a true partnership for success.