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Steel Plate Quality


Leeco Steel, LLC is dedicated to continually providing outstanding quality and service to our customers. Every employee must be focused on providing our customers with the highest quality products that meet or exceed all requirements, and improving the value of the company for all stakeholders.

More than 130 years ago, Leeco Steel was founded on the principals of taking care of our customers 'needs with quality products.

Leeco Steel continues this tradition today through our commitment to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, where the products and services Leeco Steel provides to its customers are inspected and verified to ASTM Standards.

Leeco Steel has been ISO certified since 2001.  Leeco Steel’s management team is the driving force behind the value of quality assurance.  Regular training is provided to our associates in order to keep the improvement program on track for future growth and success within our company.

Leeco’s Quality Management System provides written detailed procedures for all processes necessary to provide quality products and services to our wide array of global customers. 

Leeco Steel’s supplier base is continuously monitored to ensure the highest level of product quality, exceeding customer expectations. All the products purchased by Leeco are inspected and verified during the receiving and shipping process.  A certified Metallurgical Test Report accompanies each plate and is available to the customer with each shipment.

Each Leeco distribution center uses a bar coded inventory tagging system that helps to identify and process each plate correctly.  During the shipping process the bar code is scanned, and that scan automatically creates the shipping documents with all the plate information preprinted on the customer’s bill of lading. This helps eliminate any mistakes during this important process.

From our people to our processes, from our office spaces to our distribution centers, our commitment to quality is clearly evident throughout Leeco Steel.

  9001: 2015 ISO Certification