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140ksi Steel Plate

140 ksi steel plate & 960 MPa is a high-strength, structural grade plate steel used in applications that require greater design strength. 140 ksi offers a higher min-yield (140 ksi) and tensile strength (142 ksi), combined with good toughness, excellent weldability and formability. It offers opportunities for weight reduction in some applications for increased payload in the finished unit.

Leeco Steel’s distribution centers stock a solid supply of 140 ksi, which is most often used in the manufacture of heavy equipment such as haul trailers, crane booms, truck frames, logging and construction equipment, as well as design fabrications.

140 ksi / 960 MPa Availability

140 ksi / 960 MPa 3/16" – 1/2" 48" – 96" 96" – 480"