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  1. Denton's Desk: 2019 Steel Market Review and 2020 Outlook

    Leeco Steel's President & CEO, Denton Nordhues, reviews 2019 and provides insight into what will shape the 2020 steel market.

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  2. Leeco Steel's Portage Plant Celebrates Seven-Years Accident-Free

    Leeco® Steel, one of the largest suppliers of steel plate in North America, celebrates seven-years accident-free at its Portage, Indiana distribution plant. The plant currently holds one of the longest running accident-free streaks at Leeco’s warehouse facilities. Read more.

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  3. Leeco Steel Launches New Website To Educate Steel Plate Buyers

    Leeco® Steel, one of the largest suppliers of steel plate in North America, announces the launch of its redesigned website, which features detailed information on over 100 steel plate grades and a library of tools and educational resources. Learn more.

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  4. Leeco Steel Receives 2019 AWMI Chicago Chapter Cornerstone and Volunteer of the Year Awards

    Leeco® Steel, one of the largest suppliers of steel plate in North America, received the AWMI Chicago Chapter’s 2019 Cornerstone Award for its support of the organization at the Chapter’s annual dinner.

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  5. Exploring Pressure Vessel Steel Plate

    Pressure vessel tanks dot the landscape of countries all across the globe. These pressurized containers play important roles in the chemical and energy sectors, as they safely store potentially volatile liquids, such as fuel, gas and chemicals. This article looks at the properties and applications of pressure vessel quality (PVQ) steel plate grades.

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  6. Employee Profile: Sylvia Viezca

    When you call Leeco® Steel, chances are you hear the voice of Sylvia Viezca, who joined Leeco over 30 years ago. Learn more about what the “voice of Leeco” loves most about her job and the changes she experienced over the years.

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  7. Buying Steel Plate: Retailer vs. Supplier vs. Mill-Direct

    Purchasing managers have a lot to consider when sourcing commodity construction materials, especially when sourcing steel plate. This article looks at the differences between buying steel plate through retailers, suppliers and mills.

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  8. Leeco Steel to Open Ninth U.S. Distribution Warehouse Outside Of Atlanta

    Leeco® Steel announces plans to open its 11th distribution center outside of Atlanta, GA in May 2019. The new distribution center will better serve customers in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

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  9. Exploring Mild & HSLA Steel

    Mild and high strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel make up the skeleton of our infrastructure and play important roles in construction industries. This article will explore mild and HSLA steel properties and common grades, giving you a complete profile of these categories of steel.

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  10. Properties, Grades & Uses of Military Steel

    From tanks to armored vehicles, military grade steel is an important material for defense and security. Unlike structural or non-structural low-carbon steel, military and ballistic grades of steel are produced, formed and tested to different standards to guarantee quality and integrity. This article will look at the properties, common grades and common uses of military and ballistic steel.

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