Leeco® Steel, Houston, officially opened in February.  As summer gets into full swing, it’s becoming crystal clear why the next logical step in Leeco’s growth plan was to expand our Texas reach to Houston. There’s a lot happening here.

We have seen first hand how the south is a robust market for steel plate. Leeco Steel set up shop in Fort Worth early in 2009 with a hardworking, knowledgeable team backed by an impressive supply of steel plate ready to ship. During these past five years, our Texas team has become familiarized in the market tendencies and intricacies of the South, one of the largest steel plate consumption markets in North America.

Leeco Steel doesn’t want to add locations for the sake of adding locations. The decision to add a facility in a market must make sense – and Houston was a no-brainer. Our customer base was, and is, growing and we need to offer them advantages: in proximity, in freight, and foremost – in our service. Our strength is in our products and our people and to become “The Strongest Name in Steel,” we know you can’t have one without the other.

Our dedication to the service side of steel plate distribution has helped galvanize our reputation of strength and strategic decision making on behalf of our customers. Or commitment to Houston is rooted in the purchase of a 67,000 square foot building where each and every piece of steel is protected from the elements in an indoor facility. As a global company, Leeco Steel’s buying power continues to grow even faster than Leeco itself, which also benefits our customers.

And that’s what it’s all about: benefitting our customers. Every decision we make has this end goal in mind and that was the driving force behind opening Leeco Steel Houston. We are excited to be here. 

C.J. Tylka, manager of the Houston facility