Growing up in Pittsburgh, you can't help but feel like steel is in your blood whether you work in the industry or not. Pittsburgh may not be the steel maker it once was, but you wouldn't know that with the amount of pride people here carry with them. This blue collar town has a hard-working attitude that continually grows the industry….no wonder Leeco® Steel is the perfect fit for the city of Pittsburgh. This company’s competitive mindset sets the precedent for steel plate distribution and our East branch has, and will continue, to grow year after year.

As a resident of downtown Pittsburgh, I have seen the progress in the construction of this city. Each week, it feels as though a new restaurant, office building, or sports complex is in the works. With this expansion, I believe that we will be in more need than ever, as steel provides the strongest foundation for many of these structures. Luckily, I know that our employees in the Wexford, PA, office are ready for this exciting expansion. With many of us having ties to the city, we are passionate about contributing to this already sturdy and reputable town.


“That’s why you don’t just buy steel, you buy Leeco Steel”