Dear Valued Partner,

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, the world around us is changing rapidly. Our priority during this time of uncertainty is to balance the well-being of our customers and employees while continuing to provide products and services to essential sectors.

We wanted to communicate the steps we are taking to maintain operations and safety, while cooperating with efforts to reduce the spread of the virus.

Per the guidance provided by the Department of Homeland Security, CISA Department, Leeco Steel provides specifically stated Steel and Steel Manufacturing related products and services to the below designated sectors (among others):

  • Energy – Oil/Gas/Wind/Solar Generation and Transmission Sectors
  • Transportation Systems Sector
  • Communications Sector
  • Defense Industrial Base Sector
  • Emergency Services Sector
  • Water and Wastewater System Sector
  • Chemical Manufacturing Sector
  • Critical Manufacturing Sectors

Actions We’re Taking

Open for Business. First and foremost, Leeco Steel’s operations are running as normal and our staff still is available to assist customers via phone and email. Our commitment to providing you with the products you need with exceptional customer service remains the same.

Protecting our Employees. We’ve taken significant steps to protect our employees, including making alternate working arrangements and modifications to our warehouse staffing. Additionally, processing procedures are regularly reviewed to reduce risk to employees while maintaining quality and speed.

Protecting our Carriers. America’s supply chain would be nothing if not for the efforts of our freight carriers, which is why we are committed to their safety and well-being as well. Newly implemented procedures put our carriers at less exposure risk when delivering loads and focus on getting loads moving as safely and efficiently as possible.

We are committed to providing superior service, product quality and support during these uncertain times. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any developments as they occur.


Denton J. Nordhues

President & CEO