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Leeco Steel History 

Leeco Steel began in 1882 as Leopold Cohen Iron and Metal. The company’s founder, Leopold Cohen, set up shop on Chicago’s west side at 300 Kedzie Avenue South where it remained until 1975. Steady growth and changing market conditions prompted a move to a larger facility at 1600 Kostner Avenue. The business spanned three generations and worked through a century of progress as it continued to strategically place facilities across the United States to better service its customers.

Leeco Steel remained family-owned until 1997 when employees partnered with an investment firm to buy the company. That group of dedicated employees ran a successful ESOP until 2005 when it was purchased by O’Neal Industries.

O’Neal Industries (ONI) is a family of closely related companies, all engaged in the metals industry. Providing products and services that range from steel beams and plates to specialty alloys and complex manufactured components, ONI supplies customers across a variety of industries worldwide. Together, our companies represent the United States’ largest family-owned metals service center. 

Today, Leeco Steel continues to see success and growth. Its legacy is rooted in hard work, employee dedication and industry expertise. We now have 11 locations in North America, including one in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada and one in Monterrey, Mexico – and we aren’t done. We are about smart growth that translates to good business that helps our customers.