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Nuestra gente

La oficina de Leeco Steel cuenta con un personal de hombres y mujeres que desafían la mediocridad en lo que logran y en como lo logran. Son definidos por una filosofía simple: la manera Leeco. Nuestra cultura forma como trabajamos, como tratamos a nuestros clientes, y como interactuamos entre nosotros. La manera Leeco es nuestra hoja de ruta para un servicio excepcional, y está generalizada en toda nuestra organización.

Photo of Denton

With nearly two decades of steel industry experience, Denton Nordhues is a seasoned leader who understands the ever-fluctuating market dynamics. Denton built his career at a variety of steel companies including Paxton Vierling Steel in Omaha, NE, and Olympic Steel in Bettendorf, Iowa. He joined Leeco Steel in 1999 as Director of Strategic Planning and was named President and CEO in 2008.

Denton has seen a dramatic transformation in the steel industry, changes he attributes to “information velocity.” The speed of how information is shared allows for even the slightest positive or negative news to serve as a catalyst for change in availability of supply and ultimately, pricing. Denton has had to remain nimble yet decisive in order to adapt and lead for growth.

A passionate believer in his team at Leeco Steel, Denton is driven by excellence and urgency. He knows the company’s success starts and ends with its people, and he has created a unified team that’s dedicated to providing exceptional service and an overall value to customers.

Denton grew up on a farm in northeast Nebraska, an upbringing to which he attributes his strong work ethic. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Masters of Business Administration from the DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business in Chicago.

Denton is an active volunteer. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Metals Service Center Institute’s Central States Chapter, and he volunteers for the Samaritan Network, an Illinois-based organization that assists people who have fallen upon hard times. He feeds his competitive nature by participating in a variety of sports including running, basketball, skiing and anything on the water. Denton and his wife, Jill, live in Naperville, IL and are the parents of three girls.

Photo of Mark

In the 13 years Mark has been Chief Financial Officer of Leeco Steel, he has seen the industry evolve and Leeco adapt to serve and succeed. He attributes our growth to the type of relationships we have with our customers. “When we form a partnership with a company, it’s a relationship that lasts. They value our ability to source, our market intelligence, our service and our products. And that value is seen in every aspect of Leeco Steel, top to bottom.”

Mark is an Iowa native, graduating from the University of Iowa with a double major in accounting and finance. He shares his fiscal talents with a variety of non-profits and is a member of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Mark runs for fun and participates in triathlons. He is married and has three children.

Photo of Jason

EVP, innovative thinker and 13+ year employee of Leeco Steel, Jason Fredstrom is one of the main drivers of Leeco’s strategic initiatives. He has seen the steel industry change dramatically through the consolidation at the mill and service center level and through the global expansion of the business. Jason understands that it takes a strong balance sheet to survive or thrive in this environment because of the unprecedented volatility. Jason’s personal philosophy is to lead by example and exude confidence in your company, your people and your growth plan. That belief and leadership has helped Leeco Steel expand 13 times in volume and double its market share over the past ten years.

Jason is not limited to just living and breathing the steel industry: he started his own successful business at 18, played college tennis, recently ran a ½ marathon (in under two hours no less), and enjoys golf, boating and travel. He is a music, car and wine enthusiast. When he’s not watching his beloved alma mater, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, he spends his free time with his family, traveling with his wife to cheer on their son and daughter in a variety of athletic activities.

Photo of Chad

When you’re managing an entire sales team, you must possess the perfect combination of motivator, educator and rainmaker. That’s Chad, or Duff as we call him at Leeco Steel. Duff joined Leeco Steel in 2000 and has served as Vice President of Sales for the past five. He provides leadership and a sense of purpose that’s contagious. He surrounds himself with fellow overachievers who share his passion for service and creating opportunities for our customers to grow their business.

Duff grew up in Pekin, Illinois, and attended college at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, majoring in economics and marketing. He keeps his life’s focus very simple: it’s all about his family. His favorite thing in the world is to sit with his wife at his daughter’s soccer game or his son’s hockey game.

Photo of John

John Purcell has learned a few things during his 23-year tenure in the steel industry. First and foremost, look for opportunities no one else sees. John’s eyes were wide open during his first few years at Leeco Steel, and that led to an opportunity most people don’t get during their careers. He created a section of our business into one that makes a major impact across Leeco, the industry itself and with the customers we serve.

As Vice President of the Energy Division at Leeco Steel, John has immersed himself into this sector, and Leeco is now the leading supplier of plate steel to the North American wind tower industry. Leeco Steel has provided plate steel to past and existing wind tower factories in the United States, Canada and Mexico, and has also been a steel-plate provider for production in Asia and Europe. His deep understanding of and dedication to wind energy is being tapped into across all forms of energy opportunities that Leeco Steel sees. Customers appreciate the immersion approach John uses for the industries he serves since it benefits everyone involved.

After graduating form Michigan State University with a B.A. in Business, John began his career in the steel industry at Bethlehem Steel as a Sales Representative in the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Milwaukee district offices, where he remained until 1994. Since then, he has worked in the metal service center industry, with 10 of those years at Leeco Steel. John ignited the wind energy effort in 2005 and was named a Vice President in 2009.

Through John’s leadership, Leeco joined the American Wind Energy Association in 2006 and has been an active Business Member of AWEA since joining. For the past seven years, John has participated in the lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. on behalf of Leeco Steel and AWEA. John has been a member of the Legislative Committee for AWEA as well as an active participant on AWEA’s Manufacturing Wind Working Group that works with manufacturers in the United States to participate in the wind industry supply chain in the US. In 2013, John was elected to serve three years on AWEA’s Board of Directors and most recently was appointed to serve as Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee to help champion AWEA’s message.

John is an avid runner, and he also enjoys live music and travel. John enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two children and resides in Naperville, Illinois.