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By the Numbers

I have always been a numbers person. They tell me everything I need to know about the health of our company, Leeco Steel, which supplies plate steel to companies all over North America...

John Purcell, VP:Energy, thanks Sen. Mark Kirk for supporting the extension of the PTC
in a letter to the editor of the Naperville Sun

John Purcell, VP, wrote this letter to the editor of Naperville Sun thanking Illinois Senator Kirk for joining a bipartisan coalition calling for the immediate extension of the PTC.

Investing in wind power has proven to be a good deal for Illinois. Wind has attracted over $7.2 billion in capital investment to the state and created thousands of well-paying jobs.


Leeco Steel Announces Location in Houston

Leeco Steel has purchased a facility in Houston, Texas. This is Leeco Steel’s second location in Texas and will be home to a sales and distribution center.

Leeco Steel Announces Tampa Location

Leeco Steel has purchased a facility to house a sales and distribution center in Tampa, Florida. This is Leeco Steel’s first location in Florida and 11th overall.

Heavy Construction Equipment Market to Grow From $100 to $200 billion by 2020

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Leeco Steel’s Eastern Region Relocates Sales Office

Larger Wexford, PA, location needed for increased growth.

Domestic wind turbine component manufacturers keep fighting despite pricing and policy pressures.

U.S. Supply Chain Soldiers On Amid Market Constraints

La Línea Limpia de Rock Island

The Rock Island Clean Line is a 500-mile overhead high voltage direct current transmission line...

Estado de la industria desde la perspectiva de Illinois

AWEA’s Chicago Leadership Forum: State of the industry from Illinois’s perspective