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Nuestra gente

Photo of Tom Barcelona

Tom Barcelona was just 14 when he landed his first job at a golf course in suburban Chicago. The golf pro who trained him made sure he understood how each and every golfer was the reason he had a job. The golfer is the reason the course even existed. Everything Tom was doing that summer was for them: their customer. He never forgot that first lesson in customer service, and it’s what continues to drive him today.

Tom majored in business communications and marketing, minored in computer science, at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. He spent nearly ten years at Arkco Sales as a manufacturers representative, but Leeco Steel’s “whatever it takes” attitude towards customer service was what drew Tom Barcelona to the company in 2006. He started as a sales representative and has served as the regional manager for the southeast since 2010.

Tom says that “working at Leeco Steel is the greatest job there is” thanks to the people he works with every day. He and his team of six in Chattanooga, TN, serve a variety of industries as diverse as the south itself—and they truly enjoy getting to know their current and potential customers.

Tom runs every day and uses the time to plan how he can improve and grow his team and Leeco in the southeast. He and his wife keep busy with their four kids who are involved in practically everything.

And Tom never misses watching a Chicago Bears game. Never.