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AR400 / 400F Steel Plate

AR400F steel plate from Leeco Steel combines through-hardness and toughness with superior flame cutting, forming, & welding characteristics. With a typical BHN hardness of 360 – 440, this user-friendly grade permits more latitude in design and fabrication for the end user.

AR400F alloy plates are suitable for applications that require a good level of abrasion resistance such as bucket components, construction equipment and wear plates used in a variety of industries like mining, forestry, and construction. This product will last up to four times longer than the ordinary high-strength structural plate.

Each producing mill has its own proprietary chemical composition and heat-treating process. Leeco Steel is happy to provide the mill specific specifications – just ask.

AR 400F Availability

AR 400F 3/16" – 4" 48" – 120" 96" – 480"